District 66 Toastmasters

Message from the District 66 Director

Greetings District 66, It is indeed an honor to serve as 2016-2017 District Director. Last year was truly remarkable for us. Thanks to the efforts from members like you, we were recognized at the recent Toastmasters International Convention as being one of the best Districts in the world.

The mission of the District is clear, "we build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence." We have the people, we have the drive and we have the momentum. Let us set the bar even higher this year. Our goal is for EVERY club to be successful. The members of the District Executive Council are dedicated to YOU. We are here to offer any assistance you need. Please reach out to your Area and Division Directors. Let them know what your needs are and when they are doing a good job. Reach out to the Public Relations team. Share your stories and members experiences. Stay tuned to the District web page and multiple social media outlets. Work on your speeches and leadership opportunities. Challenge yourself to achieve an educational award. Be a 10 point club. Maybe you can be a finalist, like Elliott Eddie, in the next World Championship of Public Speaking competition in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

At the end of every day, be the BEST that you can be. Because NOW IS THE TIME.

Charles S. Gates, DTM

Message from the District 66 Program Quality Director

Hello District 66,

Welcome to a new Toastmasters' year. I am honored to serve you this year as your Program Quality Director. This year, the focus is member achievement and club success. Through greater awareness of the Toastmasters International Program and educational opportunities like club officer training, speech contests, district conferences, workshops, and club visits, I am honored to support you in achievement of your goals.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." Unknown

Examine your personal goals. What do you seek to accomplish with each speech you present and each leadership role you fill? Commit to making this a year of exponential personal growth by actively participating in your club and exploring opportunities beyond your club. Commit to your personal development by completing at least one educational award this year. This decision can change your life, if you are willing to try.

Examine the goals for your club. What does your club plan to achieve this year? Commit to providing a club environment where every member contributes to the success of your club. Commit to providing an engaging and encouraging environment where you are helping to develop better speakers and more confident leaders. Challenge each member to complete at least one educational goal this year. As each member participates in the Toastmasters Educational Program not only will they develop themself, they will also contribute to the development of the development of other members and the success of the club.

What will you accomplish this year? It all begins with the decision to try. So, give a speech. Visit another club. Lead a special event. The opportunity to accomplish your goals is waiting on you.

Wishing you all exponential growth this year.

Naomi Lewis, DTM

Message from the District 66 Club Growth Director

First off, let me thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Club Growth Director for the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year; I look forward to a fun, exciting, challenging, and successful year ahead. Let's build upon the success we had last year in becoming a Distinguished District for the first time in seven years!

The Club Growth team's main responsibilities are:

Getting new members. It all begins with the member. They're the reason we're here. The Club Growth team is here to help you find new members.

Our goal is to add 300 new members in each Division this year!

Finding new clubs. Building new clubs is part of the District's mission. We've all experienced the benefits of membership in Toastmasters. Why wouldn't we want others to experience those same benefits?

Our goal is to add 3 new clubs in each Division this year!

Strengthening existing clubs. The other part of the District's mission is to support all clubs in achieving excellence. That might be by advising you on how to promote your club, it might be by helping you turn guests into members, or it might be by arranging coaching for your club.

Our goal is to cut the number of clubs in the District, below charter strength, in half.

Are these goals ambitious? ABSOLUTELY! Can we achieve them? ABSOLUTELY! But only if we work together as a team.

The Club Growth team is here to serve you. Let's work together and make our District a PRESIDENT'S Distinguished District this year!

Perry Neal, DTM