District 66 Toastmasters

Common Acronyms and Terms Used by District 66

Abbreviation Description Additional Information
Abbreviation Description Additional Information
ACB Advanced Communication - Bronze
ACS Advanced Communication - Silver
ACG Advanced Communication - Gold
AG Area Governor New Title as of July 2015: Area Director
ALB Advanced Leader - Bronze
ALS Advanced Leader - Silver
AS Accredited Speaker
CC Competent Communication
CL Competent Leadership
CSP Club Success Plan
DCP Distinguished Club Program
DD66 District 66
DTM Distinguished Toastmaster
DG District Governor New Title as of July 2015: District Director, District 66
DD District Director
LGET Lt. Governor Education and Training New Title as of July 2015: Program Quality Director, District 66
PQD Program Quality Director
LGM Lt. Governor Marketing New Title as of July 2015: Club Growth Director, District 66
CGD Club Growth Director
IPDG Immediate Past District Governor
ID International Director
IP International President
IPIP Immediate Past International President
PID Past International Director
PDG Past District Governor
PRO Public Relations Officer New Title as of July 2015: Public Relations Manager
PR Public Relations Manager
SAA Sargeant-at-Arms
SLI Summer Learning Institute
SMART Goals Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely Goals
SWOT Analysis Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat Analysis
TI Toastmasters International Toastmasters International Website
TLI Toastmasters Learning Institute
TM Toastmaster
TRIO Identifies the top three roles in the district (DD, PQD, CGD)
Triple Crown Award earned when 3 or more educational awards are earned in a Toastmasters year
VP-E Vice President - Education
VP-M Vice President - Membership
VP-PR Vice President - Public Relations
WLI Winter Learning Institute