The Calls are All Going the Wrong Way!

Hello District 66 members,
We are having a great first half of this Toastmaster Year and wish you all success and happiness for the Holiday Season.
Our District 66 Leaders are members too and have been either elected or appointed to serve you. That is right, we are here to serve you. It is a volunteer position with most members having a heart to serve as well as a willingness to improve their leadership skills. They want to help but they also need your help and feedback so they can grow and improve as a leader. Traditional leadership in Toastmasters is driven by goals to achieve club distinguished status. What happens to keep on track is a top down leadership approach where the District Governor calls the Division Governor to see how we are doing. The Division Governor calls the Area Governor and the Area Governor calls the Club President to see how they are doing. Finally the Club President calls on the members.
This is all wrong. We are here to serve and not tell members and leaders what to do. We all pay dues so why not use what our dues provide us. Do not accept mediocrity. We are an educational organization and should stay focused on learning and improving our communication and leadership skills. Let me ask you this question. Will your local Police Department call you to see how you are doing? No, you call them when you need them. If there is an emergency you call them, right? Do you believe a club that is low on membership and the quality of the meetings is not up to par should call their Area Governor? Of course they should. It is like dialing 911 to save a life. We have these District Leaders and

District Committees set up to assist, help and serve our members. It is their sole purpose to save and improve the life of a club. Use them, call them and make them work for you.
If you are a member of a club and feel you need help you should call on your club officers. Club officers serve the club and if they need assistance or help they should call their Area Governor (oversees 4 to 6 clubs) for support and help in the areas needed. Area Governors may need help in supporting a club and should draw on the experience and resources of the Division Governor (oversees 4 to 6 Areas). Of course the Division Governor may need help with Areas or clubs that may be struggling in membership or meeting organization and should call on our senior District Team (Lt Governor of Marketing, Lt. Governor of Education, Public Relations Officer, District Treasurer and Secretary) for assistance. The Senior Team has put together committee chairs to support many club needs. For example we have the following amazing committee chair people at your beck and call:
1. Extension Chair ( contact Chris Al-Amin) – to help with starting new clubs.
2. Retention Chair (contact Mary White) – to help with retaining and growing club membership.
3. Speech Craft Chair (contact Terri Smith) – to help promote Toastmasters through a short course in public speaking to a community or corporation.
4. Open House Chair (contact Jennifer Asante) – to help get new members in a fun way.
5. Moments of Truth Chair (contact Michelle Lewis) – to help clubs be the best they can be.
6. Awards Chair (contact Yvonne Fink) – to ensure members are receiving acknowledgement of their Toastmaster achievements.
7. Technical Team Chair (contact Vincent Lieu) – managing our website, YouTube Channel, Facebook and LinkedIn Pages.
8. Procedure and Etiquette Chair (contact Marlon Haskell) – to ensure we are following proper protocol.
9. Public Relations Officer (contact Malcolm Miles) – getting our messages out for club, area, division and district events. Yes I did say club events. Use our PRO. He is fantastic.
10. DCP expert (contact Sal Asad) – to help clubs understand what they need to do to achieve a Distinguished Status. I must say traveling around, you can tell the difference between a club that is not distinguished and one that is distinguished.
11. Officer Training Team (contact Wade Randolph or Dexter Godfrey) – helping our trainers become experts at training our club officers twice a year. These guys are awesome!
12. Speakers Bureau Chair (contact Maxie Lee) – helping promote Toastmasters by offering our great speakers to the community.
13. Newsletter Editor – (contact Linda Kennedy) – helping to keep you informed in a great way.
14. Educational Chair – (contact Andrea Morgan) – helping you to grow in your communication and leadership skills.
Call us – don’t make us call you so that you can have a great year. Call us – if you want to be better at the end of the year than you started. Call us – we would love to hear from you and to help you be the best you can be. Our contact page:
Your servant leader and “Turn on Your Talent” Coordinator,
Pete Moyer, District 66 Governor

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