District 66 Toastmasters

Executive Committee for 2016-2017


The following positions are known as the TRIO, because the three together lead our district to greatness!

District Director

Charles S. Gates, DTM
E-mail: director@district66.org

Program Quality Director

Naomi Lewis, DTM
E-mail: pqdirector@district66.org

Club Growth Director

Perry Neal, DTM
E-mail: cgdirector@district66.org

Division A

Division A Director

Melvin Carter, DTM,
E-mail: divA@district66.org

Area 11 Director

Jared Anderson, ACB, ALB
E-mail: area11@district66.org

Area 12 Director

Laura Spafford, ACB
E-mail: area12@district66.org

Area 13 Director

David Hirschman, ACG, ALB
E-mail: area13@district66.org

Area 14 Director

Clint Atwater, ACB, ALB
E-mail: area14@district66.org

Area 15 Director

Letitia Bates, CC
E-mail: area15@district66.org

Area 16 Director

Jeanette Brewer, ACB, ALB
E-mail: area16@district66.org

Division B

Division B Director

Cynthia Dunaway Brittain, DTM
E-mail: divB@district66.org

Area 22 Director

Annette Jensen, DTM
E-mail: area22@district66.org

Area 23 Director

Charmaine Tennyson, ACS, ALB
E-mail: area23@district66.org

Area 24 Director

Theresa Irvin, CC, ALB
E-mail: area24@district66.org

Area 25 Director

Susan Kalinoski, CC, CL
E-mail: area25@district66.org

Area 26 Director

Sunday White, CL
E-mail: area26@district66.org

Area 27 Director

Vishwa Bhargave, ACG, ALB
E-mail: area27@district66.org

Division C

Division C Director

Mark Robinson, DTM
E-mail: divC@district66.org

Area 31 Director

Vickie Harte, DTM
E-mail: area31@district66.org

Area 32 Director

Shanelle Calvin, CC, ALB
E-mail: area32@district66.org

Area 33 Director

Tarvaris McCoy, ACB, ALB
E-mail: area33@district66.org

Area 34 Director

John Faust, CC
E-mail: area34@district66.org

Area 35 Director

Toni Schmiegelow, ACG, CL
E-mail: area35@district66.org

Division D

Division D Director

Michelle Lewis, DTM
E-mail: divD@district66.org

Area 42 Director

Keisha Cutler, ACS, ALB
E-mail: area42@district66.org

Area 43 Director

Amy Voltaire, ACG, ALB
E-mail: area43@district66.org

Area 44 Director

Yolanda Harris, CC, ALB
E-mail: area44@district66.org

Area 45 Director

Wanda Childers
E-mail: area45@district66.org

Division E

Division E Director

Sandra Jett, ACGB, ALB
E-mail: divE@district66.org

Area 51 Director

Harry Harman, DTM
E-mail: area51@district66.org

Area 52 Director

Jacquie Harrison, ACB, ALB
E-mail: area52@district66.org

Area 53 Director

Jane Carter, ACB, ALB
E-mail: area53@district66.org

Area 54 Director

Allison Tuthill, ACS, ALB
E-mail: area54@district66.org

Area 55 Director

Tonya Martin, CC, ALB
E-mail: area55@district66.org

Other District Roles

Immediate Past District Governor

Regie Ford, DTM
E-mail: ipdg@district66.org

Finance Manager

Glenn Doggett, ACS, ALB
E-mail: finance@district66.org

Administration Manager

Syndra Yancey, CC, CL
E-mail: admin@district66.org

Public Relations Manager

Emily Baine, ACB, ALB
E-mail: pr@district66.org

Logistics Manager

Edwina Hunter, CC, CL
E-mail: logistics@district66.org


Marian Martin, ACS, CL

Committee Chairs

New Clubs (Club Extension) Chair

E-mail: newclubs@district66.org

Club Retention Chair

Diane Norbutus
E-mail: retention@district66.org

Other Committee Chairs

Region 7 International Director

Russell Drake, DTM

Region 7 Advisor

John Lesko, DTM

Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

E-mail: training@district66.org


E-mail: tech@district66.org


Craig Stevens, ACG, ALB
E-mail: ceskeyman@yahoo.com





Traveling Toastmasters



Team 66
E-mail: webmaster@district66.org


E-mail: newsletter@district66.org



Education Ambassador


Open House Coordinator

E-mail: openhouse@district66.org

Updated Leadership Titles

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